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UC Solutions was founded in 2003. We have been always associated with reliability, flexibility and punctuality in building high quality bespoke PC`s. As an IT VAR we have made over 50,000 IT products available from all leading manufacturers to you to be delivered within 48 hours from placing your order directly to your door.

Our customer base is diverse from End User to all businesses, Education and Public Sector. We have a dedicated team for each.

UC Solutions specializes in providing bespoke solutions for both Hardware and now, Software Development. We have our own range of small form factor chassis that provide versatile and flexible solutions.

Flexibility is integral to UC Solutions offerings. Our iCubes range features a variety of chassis designs including a choice of Intel Core 2 Processors and motherboards with excellent support for the latest versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems

We Will guide you through the choice of the most appropriate components and peripherals to build the ideal computer for the most important user of all - YOU. The flexibility is mirrored in our iCubes range of all-in-one PCs. Featuring the same choice of motherboards and processors teamed with innovative, integral monitor stands to maximize desktop space and ease of deployment. At the core of our desktop range is a strong focus on manageability and cost of ownership. Whether your deployment calls for extreme performance, sustainable computing or tight budget control. you can be sure that UC solutions configurable iCubes ranges will enable you to select the components you need without the cost of those you don't.

 Whether you require one PC or multiple PC`s for a project, talk to one of our highly trained technical sales team and we will provide you with a complete solution based on your requirement.

Post-sales support is one of the most important aspects of our business and UC Solutions aims to exceed your expectations with a superior level of pre and post-sale technical support. We provide a strong team of qualified Technical Support and Customer Service Advisors to offer free advice, assistance and support for any products purchased from us.


 So what makes us the experts?

  • We understand the unique requirements of our customers whether they are single users, corporates or from the public sector
  • We have at our disposal a vast supplier and product base that will allow us to find an appropriate solution for you.
  • We can identify the product that best meets your needs.
  • We Aim to provide uncompromising levels of quality and service

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