As a diverse end-to-end IT Solutions provider, we offer a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever changing marketplace, with the final objective of giving our clients the competitive edge in the marketplace.

We realise a company does not build its reputation simply on past merits, that’s why at UC Solutions we are committed to continuously servicing our customers, by providing them with leading-edge products and unsurpassed support.more

Data Management

UC Solutions Data Storage is Ideal for enterprise-wide deployment and mission-critical applications, these solutions are the most extensible, resilient, and controllable storage solutions available. They offer maximum scalability, industry-leading performance, a fully integrated suite of centralized management tools, and unmatched data protection and disaster tolerant features. more »

Infrastructure Solutions

As our planet becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, it ibecomes easier for midsized businesses to provide the products and services that used to be the select province of larger enterprises. However, substantial challenges exist, such as how to achieve the business performance and scale required, and how to store and manage large amounts of data UC Solutions is committed to design and deliver smarter systems to tackle those challenges and to work with our Business Partners to ensure customers can leverage those systems to achieve success. more »