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Computer repairs

We understand technology can be very stressful when it goes wrong.
UC Solutions can help ease the stress by providing computer repair services whether it be big or small – we can help!

Our Service

  • An initial £24.99 (excluding VAT) diagnostic fee to understand and explain the issue.
  • A £50 fixed price (excluding parts) for the repair of your system.
  • Extensive testing to confirm issue has been rectified.

Computer repairs

If your computer does not turn on or has faulty hardware, we can diagnose and repair it (subject to availability).

Windows Installation

Windows is required to use your computer. We can perform a fresh install/reinstall (license required) to get your computer running like new again.

Computer Hardware Setup

We can help you assemble and set up your new computer hardware. We have 18 years’ experience in assembling hardware with returning customers.

Upgrade slow systems

Over time, hardware/software can get outdated and perform slower than usual. We can help identify potential hardware and software issues at a competitive price.

Data transfer/clone

Have you got brand new PC that you need your data transferred to? With the help of latest tools, we can transfer your data and put your data exactly where you want.

Virus and Spyware removal:

Malware can cripple your device, compromise your data and make you vulnerable to attack. We will scan and remove the malware while keeping the integrity of your data.

We're here to help you !